Aspiration Problem Aspiration problem will arise due to two major possibilities. Either Foreign particle coming between the Ring the “Tip Cone”

  • Dismantle the pipette and take anti clockwise Tip Cone Piston.
  • Slowly clockwise take out the “Piston” from the “Tip Cone”.
  • Remember while take out the “Piston” see Ring doesnt misplace.
  • And then clean Ring, “Piston” “Tip Cone” with Napless Cloth.
  • And lastly put the “Piston” inside the “Tip Cone” anti clockwise tightly.
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\\\’O\\\’ Ring sticking inside the “Tip Cone”.
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  • Dismantle the pipette and take out anti clockwise Tip Cone Piston.
  • And lastly anti clockwise put the “Piston” inside the “Tip Cone” tightly.
  • Gently takeout the Ring from the “Tip Cone” and put on the Piston Rod.
  • Slowly, clockwise take the “piston”. Remember while take out the “Piston” see Ring doesnt misplace.

Leakage Problem Leakage problem will arise due to 3 major possibilities.

  • Tip incorrectly attached :- While attaching the tip to the cone, kindly check carefully whether you are using correct tip and is attached properly.
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  • Tip cone is loose or may be cracked :- Dismantle the pipette and turn the Tip cone Piston anti clockwise. Check if Tip Cone is broken or ok & replace it immediately. Finally with little pressure screw Tip Cone Piston” clockwise into “Handle Mechanism”.
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Calibration Problem

  • There are 2 methods of calibration.
  • Every micro pipette contains graduated micro tips for random calibration.
  • Before sending it to the manufacture kindly checked the calibration first at your lab.
  • Incase if you are not satisfied send it to the manufacturer or nearest distributor for re calibration.
Random Calibration

  • Study the volume as per their marking given on the tips.
  • Kindly attached the tip with their respective volume range.
  • Five graduated micro tips are supplied with very micropipette.
  • If a customer wants precise accuracy manufacture will provide the calibration in their laboratory.
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Analytical Calibration

  • Every micro pipette contains calibration report for the accuracy.
  • If a customer wants to calibrate their micropipette they can send it to our calibration laboratory
  • Every micropipette checked on AND Brand having accuracy (up to 4th decimal) analytical balance with distilled water at normal room temperature.
Tip Ejector Shaft Problem

  • If the “Tip Ejector Shaft” is broken. Kindly confirmed the volume of the pipette to the company or to the distributors.
  • Hold the Handle Mechanism horizontally in the left hand & take Tip Ejector Shaft and put on to “Tip Cone” and gently Push Tip Ejector Pusher
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General Guideline

The accompanying table is a guide to possible problems and their solutions.

Biosystem (Prime) Micropipette Spareparts

Drop left inside the Tip Unsuitable Tip Use new “Biotip”
Aspiration Problem Fitting of tip cone is loose (or) Screw the tip cone firmly to the body
Wrong placing of O ring Refer CD Manual Guide

Reset the rings accordingly
Leakage Problem Tip incorrectly attached Attach firmly
Foreign particles between tip & tip cone Clean tip cones attach new tips
Foreign particles between seal, O-ring, piston and tip
Clean seal, O-ring, Piston & tip cone with napless
Insufficient amount of grease on piston & O ring Grease accordingly
O-ring not correctly positioned or damaged Change the O-ring
Tip cone Scratched or damaged Change the tip cone
Inaccurate dispensing Incorrect operation follow instructions carefully
Tip incorrectly attached Attach firmly
Calibration altered according to instruction
Instrument damaged Send for repair
Push button Jammed Piston contaminated Clean and grease O-ring and piston.
Penetration of solvent fumes
Tip Ejector jammedor shaft broken Tip ejector spring is loose Replace the spring and spring support.
Tip cone contaminated from outside Remove tip ejector shaftclean tip cone outer surface with ethanol.
Due to tip ejector pressure or misused Replace the shaft
Volume Setting is not properly click or over rotate Mechanism damaged Send for repair

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