• Made from heavy plastic
  • The colour coding of the tip may allows immediate tip volume recognition.


Cat. No. Description Pcs / Carton
BS/003/W WHITE (0.2-10µl) 20 pcs.
BS/003/Y YELLOW (2-200µl) 20 pcs.
BS/003/B BLUE ( 200-1000µl) 20 pcs.



What is a Micro Tip Box?

A Micro Tip Box is a small plastic container that is designed to hold Micropipette Tips to prevent them from contamination.

Why is a Micro Tip Box used?

A Micro Tip Box is used to keep the tips safe, they come in various colours and sizes and are used according to the tips. They are fabricated with heavy plastic. The tips are placed inside the box and then sterilization is carried out which helps to prevent contamination which is quite essential while conducting biology experiments.

What are some good features of a Micro Tip Box?

A Micro Tip Box should be durable, autoclavable plastic and the lid of the container should be tight and fitting to avoid contamination. Also, the lid of the container should be easy to remove so that it is easily accessible. The Micro Tip Box should contain alphanumeric labelling so that it is easy to identify the micropipette tips and the box is organized as well.

How many Micropipette Tips can be stored in a Micro Tip Box?

In a typical Micro Tip Box, you can store 96 to 384 micropipette tips, depending on the size of the container.

Can a Micro Tip Box be Autoclaved?

Yes, a Micro Tip Box can be autoclaved. It’s necessary to autoclave a Micro Tip Box to prevent contamination of samples and equipment.