• Made from virgin acrylic
  • Universal pipette stand fitting up to 3&6 pipette & with tips space



What is a Micropipette Stand?

A Micropipette Stand is designed to keep pipettes so that they are readily available and it is organized. It also prevents contamination and damage.

What are the Benefits of using a Micropipette Stand in a Laboratory?

A Micropipette Stand is a convenient way to store Micropipettes and also organizes the space. The risk of contamination or damage to the pipettes is minimized and enhances accuracy and precision by ensuring calibration is done well. It makes it effective and increases productivity in the lab as the Micropipettes are easily accessible which saves plenty of time.

How to Maintain a Micropipette Stand?

It’s essential to frequently clean and disinfect the surface and the holders to prevent contamination and damage to the pipettes. It’s essential to check if any parts are broken and replace them as needed.

Can a Micropipette stand accommodate various types of Micropipettes?

Micropipette Stands are designed in a way to accommodate various types of Micropipettes. There are some types of Micropipette Stands that are designed to keep micropipettes of different shapes and sizes. Before purchasing a Micropipette Stand ensure that the Micropipette Stand is compatible with all the stands that are utilized in your laboratory.

What are some of the common problems that can occur while utilizing a Micropipette Stand?

Some of the most common problems that occur while utilizing the Micropipette stand are Improper Calibration, Contamination of Micropipettes and Damaged Micropipettes.